The Powers That Be

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Few people have ESP or better known as Extra Sensory Powers. This we call the gifted ones”. But didn’t you know that all of us in this world have this innate God given gift?

In ancient times people who lived on earth just go about their daily lives with the use of their five senses. For example, they easily knew storm or imminent danger is coming by the help of their senses-hearing, feelings and smell. That is because in those times people’s lives then were not complicated, not noisy they have no communication equipments, no jeepneys, no cars, not much people around that will make their lives noisy. So they are always in commune with nature so that their ESP were made into full use. Unlike what the present times we have now where everything in our lives are complicated and we are stressed with our lifestyles that we tend to forget to forget to commune and connect with nature. Hence our gifts or innate powers like ESP are not working with us anymore.