Head Lice Removal

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My daughter likes to watch television; I think it’s her best friend. Anyway, there was once, I heard one of the educational program she was watching, it was all about why people especially children can acquire lice. It is because, children loves to play. When their head gets sweat and let it dry without washing, that’s the time the lice will show up. There are bacteria in their head and the live will become active. For your information, lice are not contagious but once you are close to that person who has lice, it’s possible you can acquire too. And also, if you use their hat, comb; there is a possibility you can get lice too. So, if you want to prevent with lice, don’t borrow or use someone’s comb or hat. In order for you to prevent lice, you have to take a shower and wash your hair really good.

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