Kitchen Faucets: Options for Handles

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There are hundreds and even thousands of different kinds of faucets that you could buy for your kitchen. This, however, becomes problematic in the case where you have to decide exactly which one to buy. So you need to keep in mind several factors that will serve useful in your decision-making. You don’t want to purchase something that will give you troubles in the future, do you?

The type of handle for your faucet should be one of your main considerations. Normally, kitchen faucets could have a single handle rotating clockwise and counter-clockwise for cold and hot water, or two handles with one for hot and the other for cold water. Single-piece faucets could have a handle joined to the unit or one sitting on the side where the sprayer is usually placed. You could have the classic look (round x shape), the lever shape, and the cylindrical silhouette. Naturally, the lever taps serve as the most convenient when it comes to handling, regardless of the user’s physical ability.