Strength Training vs. Bodybuilding in a Nutshell

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“Bodybuilding” and “Strength Training” are often confused with one another. Many people believe that they are synonymous, but there are distinct differences between the two. In layman’s terms, bodybuilding is the act of bulking up your muscles to LOOK as big as physically possible through the application of a protein-rich, high-calorie diet, along with frequent weightlifting sessions using fairly heavy weights for a high number of repetitions. Because of the high-repetition of the weight lifting, the lifter must not use a weight that would be so heavy that they couldn’t lift multiple times.

This causes a body builder to not be as strong as he could be if he were lifting the heaviest weights possible, but the high repetitions do wonders for the APPEARANCE of his muscles. Strength training on the other hand follows a similar diet to one designed for bodybuilding, but with the core difference being the number of weightlifting repetitions they perform. Because the goal for strength trainers is PURE strength, they lift weights that are as heavy as possible, for a very low number of repetitions. This means that strength trainers may not look as physically big as their bodybuilding counterparts, but actually possess more raw strength than body builders. In a nutshell, bodybuilding is for big, physically appealing muscles, while strength training is for applicable muscle strength.