A Leather Bed for your Bedroom

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When it comes to choosing a new bed frame for your bedroom it is easy to get overwhelmed considering the wide variety of different styles you can choose from. The bed being one of the most important pieces of furniture to set up a mood in your bedroom, you would like to get it right by choosing the one that will create the best effect.
Starting with the choice of the material, your bed frame can be made from metal, wood or be upholstered in quality faux or genuine leather. While wood and metal are very popular materials used in bed designs, leather bedsteads also have their charms. Whether real or faux, leather is a very durable material that can shape beautiful bed frames such as sleigh beds, deep upholstered and buttoned headboards, ottoman beds and so on.

Coloured leather beds
A leather bedstead instantly brings a warm feel to the bedroom and adds texture to the overall décor. Plus faux leather can be coloured in various different rich colours other than brown and black so you can really work any bedroom style with this material.  White leather looks great in a modern interior décor and deep brown leather will create a more traditional environment.

Sleigh beds
Sleigh beds and ottoman beds are also two popular leather bed designs. Although wood was the original material used to make sleigh beds, there are now great selections of beautiful sleighs made from leather which makes them more appealing and adds a lot more texture. Leather sleigh beds generally feature deep buttons and chesterfield styles for a greater effect.

Ottoman beds
Ottoman beds are great pieces of furniture for storing bed linen and blankets. They offer a smart way of increasing storage space and are just amazingly durable when upholstered in quality leather. The storage space of this leather ottoman bedstead is placed under the mattress base which is accessible by a hydraulics-assisted mechanism for ease of use.

Leather care
When looking for leather beds to furnish your bedroom you need to bear in mind that although very durable and sturdy, leather just like any other materials is only a good investment if you take good care of it. It is not difficult to look after leather furniture but you might want to make the best of your leather bed and impress your guests by regularly wiping it clean with a damp cloth.
By Camille. Furniture enthusiast Camille is happy to share her tips and ideas with the community of design lovers. She writes on behalf of Wedo Beds.