Be Careful about Scam Binary Options Sites like Traderush

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80% of the people who tries make money online, they don’t even make a dime. The main reason for this is that they don’t get the right and legit system to work with. When I first tried to make money online, the first system I found to earn quick money online was binary options. A Trade Rush agent convinced me to invest $300 by showing me many video demos and reviews on YouTube. After watching those videos I was very happy and sure that I will earn money and invested $300. I did not verified it and tried did not to get some training on how this system works. But his advice to run my binary options account was wrong and I lost all my money in few days.

It was a fraud site. I complained the admin of the website and he replied that it’s not our responsibility you should have read the terms and conditions to work in our site. It was written in the terms and conditions that In case of any loss admin are not responsible. They proved that it was my mistake. Binary options can never be a good way to earn money.

This is just a dangerous guessing game. My agent scammed me and like him there are many scammers in the binary options world, who scam new ones like us. So beware of scammers like this and verify any work thoroughly before starting work at it.