Creating a Home History Report

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It’s fun to list down all the projects that you have done at home. writing all the things that you have done in your home maintenance will remind you all the efforts you have done in your home and it will also reminds you some things that you have missed to do in your home.

HomeSpot HQ home history report is the latest program that will help you to record all the maintenance that you have done at home. This program serves as your file folder about you’re the home maintenance that you have done. The home history report is a file containing all the descriptions of all angles of your home. Under this file you will see where your appliances and furniture are located including the space of your home. This report shows the home maintenance that you have done in your home. The report can be use as a proof to your home buyer if you want to sell it. This report will show them how you maintain your house in the past years and months and this is also transferable to new owner once sold. All you have to do is print your report and give the report to the new owner and serves as their own record. Home owner can create own report by visiting the website and log-in to HomeSpot HQ account then look for “my account” then click. Wait for the link “reports tab” then click again then choose for home history report link to click. Then wait for the new tab to open then click the print from the menu of your browser. Once the report has done it’s up to you if you want to print the report and save through PDF file or not.

This home tool will help you plan for making a research on how to maintain a house and how to make a plan in improving your home. This is may also serve as your daily home activity records or home diary. This online tool is open for everyone and it’s free to use. Just visit their website for more information.