My Old Man’s Club

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It really makes me curious why a great number of men are hooked to golf. Most of these men belong to the age group of mid-to-late adult. My father belongs to this group. His fascination to this sport started when his was forty-six. He usually plays golf with his friends or future partners in business every Saturday.

My father will have his birthday in a few weeks. He just borrows the golf clubs he uses from his colleague so I’m planning to buy one for him. Owning his own club will develop a familiar and harmonious relationship between his arms, hands and the club itself. I think he’ll make better and more effective swings. I saw hybrid golf clubs in the internet. I read reviews of this kind of club from different brands and one name has made an impact. The hybrid clubs made by this particular label were light-weight and makes hitting and maneuvering easy even for the novice just like my father. It helps make confident swings.