Risk of tobacco smoking in women now ranges up to 97%

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smoking is giving birth to lung cancerNowadays, smoking is one of the most reported news that has an increased percentage in death rate. Unlikely before, only men are applicable to smoke compare today that even women at their young age does their smoking and become more habitually addicted in taking smoking as their valuable hobbies which we often believe is not good in a long term use. It was said by an expert that when women smoke like man, they also die like man. In other words, if you get to stop smoking at the early age, you will have an extra of 10 years to live.

It is important to know when the first year a women had ever started smoking was. If it took for so long, the woman is now susceptible for any underlying disease that will damage your health in due time. Now, it is being advised by some doctors to stop smoking at the age of 40 to basically reduce the risk of death and other severe complications.