Save Your Home with a Securitization Audit

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There are countless homeless people around the world and a great number of it is fast increasing in the United States. The economic crisis they have been facing has subsequently caused businesses to cut jobs or companies to shut down. One of the miserable effects of this catastrophe is the increase in the number of foreclosed homes. Foreclosed homes happen when the home owner (borrower) fails to make payments for the mortgage for certain period of time and the lender seeks a specific legal process to attempt to get back the balance of the loan.  Because of the economic crisis, some of the people resort to doing unjust actions to the home owners just to save themselves or at least alleviate themselves from the effects of recession. These cruel people or company create false claims and forge documents. The poor unknowing families are forced out of their homes.

It takes a great deal for the borrower or the home owner to realize that he or she can still fight to save his/her house.  This is where securitization audit comes in. Securitization is the financial procedure of bringing together different types of contractual debt such as residential or commercial mortgages, car loans or credit card debt obligations and then selling the combined debts as bonds or securities or Collateral mortgage obligation (CMOs), to different investors. If you wish to seek for a loan modification, acquire principal reduction and obtaining a lower interest in the existing mortgage, get your Notice of Default nullified and also have a chance to apply for a countersuit to the loaners or banks providing false claims, their team of auditors can help. They aid in fraud investigation, foreclosure defense and loan modification. Their analysis specialists help in seeking to get hold of evidence for use in court to fight foreclosure.

Getting a house is complicated but being forced out of your own house can be traumatic and depressing. So, if you find yourself with a notice saying you have to leave your house… investigate, seek for securitization audit and fight for your home and for yourself.