The Picnic You Have Enjoyed

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Awhile ago, me and my friends really share time to be together more often at least four times in a week and what we often do is picnic. Actually, we are 5 and still counting for many years to celebrate our time with each another. We often have picnic at park or even a wide space garden somewhere in the middle. Spending at least four to five hours dong chit chat really makes me happy, being granted that I have my special friends with me who backs me up in times of problems. Not only that, during our picnic, we usually bring each individual food. Most of the time we have different sets of foods placed on the table like spaghetti, shrimps, chicken and rice.

I really enjoyed my time together with them. They are also like my family at the same time. After lunch, we get to ride with our bikes and enjoy the sun’s breeze along us.