What are the Uses of Rugs?

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The rugs are the thick fabric use to cover the floor of the house and to protect our feet from the temperature of the floor this kind of rug is called carpet. Too cold floor can cause rheumatism that’s why it’s important that the floor has a rug.

There are different kinds of rugs. The outdoor rugs are small and affordable rugs that are placed outside the door or used in the patio. It’s important that this kind of rug has a relaxing color and design to add beauty to your home.

The personalized doormat is also another kind of rug that is placed in the entrance of the door. They call this personalized because this kind of doormat usually seen at the entrance door of the company and the company name is printed in the doormat. This kind of drugs is specially made to order and anyone can avail a personalized doormat of their own design.