Big Home Improvements

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A home is really never fully complete. There are always things that we can do to add value and make our homes more efficient. There are a few things that are often overlooked when you are doing some home repairs that should be some of the first things you look at.

Replacing Your Ductwork

Replacing ductwork in your home is not an easy job, but if you have the right ductwork supplies, knowledge to get the job done and some time, you can take on this task. You will likely be around fiberglass insulation, so be sure to take the right safety precautions. If you do not have experience with replacing this, definitely consult an experienced HVAC technician. It is very important to make sure this is done right. Replacing this is also a lot harder than it looks, so do not take this for granted.

Replacing Your Water Heater

Water heaters are like radiators on cars in that they do wear out eventually and have to be replaced. For example, they can spring a leak or the pilot light may not want to stay lit. This is when it is time to get it replaced. Since replacing this involves working with gas lines and electricity, if you do not know what you are doing, definitely consult someone that is knowledgeable and can help you. This is a relatively inexpensive fix and a new water heater will last an average of seven to 15 years.

Replacing Attic Insulation

If you have noticed that your heating and cooling costs have increased in the last year, you may want to take a look at places where hot and cold air can escape. Attics are notorious for letting air conditioning and heating out of a home. The good news is that replacing the insulation is a rather easy and quick fix for this. You want to make sure to get the right kind of insulation, know how to replace it and take the proper safety precautions when doing so. If you have a handy friend, ask if he or she will help you conquer this weekend task.