Fall Landscaping Ideas: Pumpkin Decor

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Seasons take us down into nostalgia lane every now and then when they had come to pass. Fall we don’t have to prepare for because she prepares herself. The lovely colors of autumn will make anyone pause in retrospect why oh why does she look as she is.

Fall sees us busy with all the harvesting, food preservation and agricultural fairs that she dressed herself up to compete with all the bounty that harvests bring. Thanksgiving marks the day. After that it is winter time. In some states winter brings no snow with it or sometimes a little. They still have a little greenery in their homes and around. Though some greens wither and rot because of the frost that the cold wind brings. Try hunting for plants that will not only endure winter but flourishes in the colds of winter as well.

There are landscaping ideas for winter you could find in many housekeeping and gardening genre magazines and digests. But fall while taking care of her dressing up left us numberless things that we have to pick up after her. As fall beautify her foliage; falling leaves collect on our lawns. While it is alright to leave it there as part of the fall experience there always is a time we must have to rake them up. It will kill all your lawn grasses that lie underneath. There are so many things to do in fall after Halloween and Thanksgiving. Maybe we should make a head start.

Raking autumn leaves, cutting lawn grasses and tucking in fodder for the farm animals so many things to do in the country. But “I am in the city.” You would say. Well, you’ve got to help in your parent’s farm. Anyways you’ll be there for Thanksgiving. I’ll worship you if can bear Thanksgiving while in the City. I myself always find some excuses to go home every once in a while. There’s no comparing country air.