Protect Yourself in Heavy Winter Outerwear

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Don’t let the sub-zero temperature and the forecasted snowfall put you under house arrest. Fish out your mittens and your woolrich arctic parka from your closet and get out of the house. Enjoy the arctic breeze and the cool events during the winter season while all warmed up inside your dependable jacket.

In the wintry weather, you can see a lot of people wearing multiple layers of clothing to keep them warm. Like in summer or in dry warmer months, winter also offer exciting outdoor activities. Who wouldn’t enjoy ice skating, outdoor hockey, snow-boarding or even hiking and camping? Who wouldn’t take pleasure in making snowman or snow angels or participate in snow fights? Who wouldn’t need unfailing clothing when you have to work outdoors? All these activities can be enjoyed with the use of a special outerwear mentioned earlier. This parka is great for the intense effects of temperature drop and is available for both men and women in different sizes. It has a detachable coyote fur hood that fully envelops the head. It provides full protection from wind and even water from the hood to the hips. It is made of warm, lightweight and durable materials—cotton and nylon ramar, nylon taffeta, polyester, duck feathers and genuine coyote fur. The jacket is secured to swathe the body with its zipper and button closures. Also, the hidden knit cuff sleeves, throat latch and adjustable leather cord waist and hem work to seal out the freezing wind.

Quit hibernating like a bear. A cool parka is the way to beat the cold weather.