The Latest Kitchen Maid You Made

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Bored to tears with your dingy kitchen that when your husband told you to have your kitchen remodeled you flew to hug him in glee. So envious were you of your friends’ latest state of the art kitchens you always found an excuse to go gawk at their kitchen whenever they throw a party.

You didn’t wait for your husband’s second word; immediately you took all the flyers you collected from Handyman and Sears. Ogling those kitchen master pieces you daydreamed of friends gushing over your slinky Kohler®Whitehaven™ Apron front Kitchen sink. You vacillated between the Ikea cabinets or having some custom made kitchen cabinets according to your planned kitchen set up and theme. So many things course through your mind wakened by your husband’s kitchen remodeling offer.

However before you get carried away with excitement get pencil and paper to list things that you need to do first. Some renovations professionals offer tips in kitchen remodeling preparation and works. You need to follow them in order to have the work on yours done the right way too.

  • First you start your list with: Have a professional planner assess your kitchen area and make some rough plans patterned to your idea.
  • Second have the plan drawn and go to the right authorities that are necessary for the approval of the plan according to some local ordinances in your city or zone.
  • Your husband gave you the go signal however he set some limits to how much your kitchen remodeling should cost. Here you have to scout the best quality, the most durable and the most cost effective materials and accessories for your new kitchen. This is the third in the list so far.
  • Fourth will be to narrow down your choices and preference tally the costs for the purchase of the materials, the accessories and the labor costs. Plus 20-30% for unforeseen circumstances that may hitch the planned remodeling.
  • Fifth will be to decide on the way you want your kitchen done. Have the accessories installed by the service crews of the depot where you purchase materials or by a contractor you have scouted. One who had done wonders with your friend’s kitchen.

Whatever your choice stay happy while your new kitchen is slowly coming along. There could be some inconveniences for the meantime though.