A Dollar is Green and So Are Trees

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Did you know that Seattle’s official nickname is Emerald City? Why do you think they named it that way? Seattle owns a vast area of green forests. Trees are abundant even in hills and very evident in the city. People acquire a lot of benefits from trees. Together with the people here on earth, they struggle with the harmful effects of global warming. They provide us with clean air and oxygen to breath. Moreover, these greeneries take a significant part in preventing air and water pollution, as well as soil erosion. They bear fruits that become our food. Sometimes, these fruits from the trees also become our source of income. Aside from that, who would have known that trees also play a major part in increasing the value of a property?

In the past, logging is one of the major industries in Seattle. In fact, it is its first major industry.  But now, these trees help land-owners and home-owners in a different way. They help generate more income by raising the property value. Full-grown trees add up not less than 15% to the property’s total value. If the tree is strategically planted, well-trimmed   and well-maintained, the original property value could step up to about 20%. Initially, the tree you planted might have cost you about $200 but in time, it will give you $1000 to $10, 000. Working with trees has been relatively trouble-free especially for the professionals. In Seattle tree trimming services are not difficult to find. But finding the company that provides the best service and care for your tree or trees is a bit of a challenge.  Referrals from friends, inquiries, surveys and thorough observation will eventually lead you to the one who will best care for your precious greens.

Why do these trees generously add so much to the property value? Well, think of the benefits mentioned earlier. Then, reflect on the next premises. Trees boost the appeal of your property. They offer relaxation and a welcoming ambiance.  Trees are energy-efficient. Having even just a single tree in the property could help shield your home from the summer’s heat and warm up your home during winter. These would mean air conditioners and heaters would be used less. Also, these trees provide privacy to your homes. Advantageously located, they shield the contents of the house and the people in it from being over-exposed. Take care of your trees because they will be of help to you and too many others in many ways.