A Lesson to Last a Lifetime

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Your tween daughter has decided that she is old enough to wear make-up, and you have noticed that she is coming home from school with eye shadow, eye liner and a neutral lipstick. Now at this point, the thought has not occurred to her that perhaps that wiping off all of the warpaint that she adorned herself with while she was at school ritual is not working, and the gig is actually up as far as you are concerned , so the two of you have just lived life as though nothing is going on. In reality, there is something going on.

She is your daughter, and you want to think of her as your baby for just a little while longer, but you have to understand that your silence is is not doing either one of you any good. For every day that you fail to talk to your daughter about wearing makeup is a day that your daughter goes without the knowledge of how to properly care for her skin, and every day that she goes without using a product to minimize pores, is another day that she is damaging her skin.  When a girl decides that she is going to start wearing make-up there is not a whole lot that you can do about, but you can teach her how to properly care for her skin, and that is a lesson that will last her a lifetime.