DealDash: The Tactics and Tricks to Winning

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Purchasing the latest gadgets for the less than $20 or snatching a ceramic cookware set for $1? How in the world is this even possible? Well, these are just some testaments of the existence of auction sites such as DealDash. True to its name, consumers rush and try to outbid opponents for a much-coveted item on sale or up for bids. Some would tend to use tactics especially if they really want to grab that particular product for a really low-price. Here are two tips and tricks that might come in handy to you.

Use Intimidation Skills

Well, it does not take a genius to know that bidding is a game of sorts. An effective tactic for many is the use of their intimidation skills. The display of aggression usually works to scare off other bidders. How do some DealDash enthusiasts do this? They tend to outbid everyone immediately after they have placed their bid. This sends the message that you are dead serious in stealing that item from anyone.

Be The Early Bird

The watchful eyes of DealDash fanatics would tell you that oftentimes, bids end on an early stage. Contrary to beliefs that it is a waste of time to bid early in the game, there are those who have scored HDTVs after just a few bids.