How Far Can Technology Go With Robotics?

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With technology advancements happening at a record pace every single day, the sky is the limit. Scientists and experts devote time and effort to discover, invent and reinvent products and services that can improve the quality of life. This is also the reason why there are several organizations that are heavily investing in robotics and artificial intelligence. The military has tapped the use of robots to dive deep into the ocean and search for mines. Instead of risking the lives of the whales and military men, they are using machines to carry out this sensitive job for them. University of Zurich in Switzerland is also venturing into creating a 3 foot 11 inches robot that can fit inside the homes. IBM’s Watson was hired by well-known healthcare provider WellPoint to become a medical consultant.

There are too many opportunities for artificial intelligence and robots to completely flourish. However, there are still several things that these machines cannot perform with such human accuracy. As simple as doing what tucson termite control team does to eliminate pests inside the house or an elementary teacher pacifying kids who are showing tantrums inside the house. The crucial judgments that policemen and authorities make are some of the things that robots cannot embody. Robots and machines are emotionless and have limited ability to understand human needs. People fear the time though when these cyborg-like machines start to takeover the planet. On a scientific standpoint, this is possible but not in this century perhaps.