How to Transform your Basement into an Extra Room

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Basements especially large ones under huge homes can be transformed into a complete small family home. Recently basements were undergoing renovations to accommodate a living room, a kitchen, dining room, two bed rooms for Mom and Dad and another for the baby. Some even installed a bath in their bathroom and the bathroom is still large enough to accommodate a small dressing room.

Here are some tips to outline requirements of basements that can be transformed into one complete living quarter.

  • Topographical location of the basement. Is your basement exposed to the elements in the other side and submerged in soil in the other? Is your basement in an area where it can be soggy and wet all year through not only during rainy seasons? These are all important because you will be living in that particular basement all year through too.
  • How large and convenient is the area where your basement is located. Is it accessible through outside doorway or you needed to enter the house and go down some steps at the back of the kitchen bathroom. This is important since you decided to live off your basement you need access from outside without going inside the main house. You don’t want to inconvenience yourself and those who would be living in the main house if you decide to rent it out nor have some relatives live in the main house.
  • Can it hold all the works that will be done on it and still be large enough as a home? You need to insulate and to soundproof it and that will take a lot of spaces.

If the answer to all three above is yes, then it’s time to call for a basement renovation specialist. There are so many of them you have a lot to choose from.  Scout a friend’s opinion one that had done something with their basement of who to trust with your upcoming basement remodeling. I’m sure they have experiences that might be of help.