What Do I Need To Bring To Closing

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After all the troubles faced in purchasing a house, the most awaited moment come, that is closing of the table. Eventually, you own the accommodation. The happiness of owning a house is more like opening a surprise gift. The important people need to be present on this occasion are you, attorney and the agent. The closing requires all the left over things to settle the sale. But what do you need to bring to closing?

Well, you need to bring:

Funds for closing in the form of cashier’s check or certified check payable to the owner, an insurance policy for the house are the two basic requirements. Photo identification or an ID proof is needed along with settlement sheet which lists all the closing costs of the total loan amount. The documents need your signature so read them carefully and then sign. Any other item asked by the lender as a closing condition is liable to present during the closing and a personal check in case any additional fund is required.

Go through the Mortgage documents, original lending statement, marking payments and recount the notes. The real estate documents include Disclosure Sales Statement, agreement, affidavit, receipt, warranty and tax payment receipt.

After signing all the documents and exchanging them during closing, submit the certified check and hand over the cash. The amount consists of down payment, installments, closing cost, and additional costs. And that’s it. The house belongs to you. You have completed the complete process of purchasing the house with the items you got for closing.