Why Time-Shares are Better than Hotels

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When we travel, we not only look into the landscape and climate that is wonderful, but also a nice place to lay our heads after an adventurous day. The most exquisite hotels can be extremely pricey and to spend so much money for a place you only spend a minimum amount of your vacation at, may be a negative decision. Finding a location you know fits your needs can be obtained easily, and that location is a Time-share.

Times-shares are like hotels in that you stay there for a certain amount of time while on a vacation, but the difference is that they are more comfortable and consistent. When you purchase a time-share, you have the option of consistently using the same resort in the same location, or being able to move from location to location.

Another wonderful aspect of a time-share is that you get more “bang for your buck”. By making a large payment towards a longer stay time, you end up breaking even in a certain amount of years and do not have to worry about paying each time you need to stay there for a visit. While there are maintenance fees that can come along after your initial purchase, it is worth it because you know your time-share is always going to be in the best shape possible. You get more of a feeling of comfort when you stay at the same resort each time and instead of a short-lived vacation home, you begin to feel the time-share is like a second home, and who doesn’t like saying they have multiple homes!

Travel options are so broad and there are literally millions of places to be visited in the world, but sometimes you find a place that you love so much, you keep coming back time and time again. When you have a time-share, you can achieve that goal of visiting the same place each year at either the same time, or different times. If you split a time-share with other families, you just have to work around what times work best for each family.

The biggest and most exciting reason to have a time-share kind of contradicts the last point I made, of being able to visit a place multiple times. If you like to travel from continent to continent, having a multi-location time-share is best. Certain companies will let you exchange locations for a different location! So if you feel like being in Bali in October and Aspen in June, then the sky’s the limit!