Different Kinds of Furniture Finishes

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I have learned many kinds of furniture finishes today. Let us talk first about antique brass that is very solid and it can make your furniture looks vintage and aged. Until now I think it is pretty popular because I have a friend that loves antiquated things in her house and I love it how the finishes looks good on them. It can make you feel very relaxed and at ease. Another one is the polishes also known as the not lacquered brass. It is not coated natural brass. There is also the matte or also called the brushed nickel. It is brushed with hands to emphasize how beautiful the nickel is. This matte nickel has low reflective properties because it is not that glossy.

There is also the oil rubbed bronze that is very elegant after finishing because of its hue of color brow and red. This kind of finish can hide the water spots and it does not need maintenance. Actually this is my favorite finish out of all of the kinds. I love elegant things and this finish makes it easier for me to have my things look sophisticated.