LED Lighting and the Benefit that Keeps Bugs Out of Your Light Fixtures

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There’s nothing quite like sitting at the dining room table to a good meal at night with your family or loved ones.  Then you hear a buzzing noise over the table and you notice a moth is continually trying to get closer to the dining room light.  Or you look at your kitchen ceiling lights and notice numerous fly’s mindlessly bumping into the light cover. It can be one of life’s gross and unpleasant chores cleaning out fixtures of dead bugs and they will never stop coming. It’s obvious that insects enjoy light radiation, but there is a strange phenomenon between insects and LED lights.

What strange phenomenon?

Insects are not attracted to LED lights.  That’s right, insects have no interest in LED lights and this can benefit any light fixture that frequently becomes filled with dead insects that continually make their way to the light.  For you this means no more cleaning out those fixtures of dead bugs with the same light and a lower energy bill.

Why are insects not attracted to LED’s?

Insects are highly sensitive and enamored to UV light radiation and are believed they have UV receptors that affect their behavior.  A common example is the purple bug zapper that almost all insects cannot but help land on and get vaporized.  It is believed that color sensitivity has become an important ability that insects have evolved over time.  It is essential in foraging, navigation, and mate selection.

What types of light bulbs emit UV light?

In a typical home Incandescent, fluorescent and metal halide lights are most commonly used in home lighting.  These sources emit a substantial amount of UV light into the house and attract insects into your fixtures.  These types of light bulbs also cost more energy and tend to burn out before LED lighting.

Another reason LED’s are essential to home decorating!

They may cost more money off the shelf, but consider the energy saved on power, the longevity of the bulb, and instant UV free lighting.  In today’s technologically advanced world, LED light bulbs can be found in many makes and models that fit into all fixtures.  So the next time you are changing a bad light bulb and find yourself cleaning out the fixture, remember the benefits of switching your light bulb to an LED bulb.

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