Must Have In Remodeling a Bathroom

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In remodeling a bathroom you have to do a checklist that is must do and must not do. Try to have storage in your bath room because it is not always for the kitchen you know. Try a color white cabinet or storage because it is the best color for the bathroom. Have a mirror and a small cabinet next to it or near it for tooth brushing purposes. Below it is the cute bowl with running water for washing the face and gargling. Display your makeups and accessories so I can beautify the surroundings. Group it and arrange it so it will look elegant.

Buy bath ware that are different of brands and avoid buying the same brand so you will know the difference of both. A heated and illuminated mirror resist fogging up, so there’s no waiting time when doing make-up or shaving. A clear shower screen is good for the bathroom to make it look big and wide. When buying paint, consider the quality of it whether it can stand the wetness or not.