My House Is Not a Home Anymore

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A line in a song by Burt Bacharach say’s “And a house is not a home when the two of us are far apart.” However this is not the case with yours and mine. The family is still happily together but the house is starting to decay you would call it home somewhat suspiciously. You started to read lots of Architectural Digests and Home Improvement magazines in order to gain some insights into home remodeling.

One article though caught your attention and that is about some home maintenance procedures to avoid substantial renovations within short periods of time. It enumerated steps of building maintenance especially about houses in particular. The lines or rather steps go like this:

  • General Maintenance to prevent escalations of common problems into costly repairs.
  • Include your health care when thinking of maintaining the health of your house too. Like molds that will be produced by too much moisture. The quality of your indoor air; is it free from mildew, dust mites and other airborne viruses and bacteria.
  • Is your home friendly to your aging parent’s arthritic knees and creaking hipbones? Would it be easy and conducive for aged people to live in comfortably?
  • Is your home’s air conditioning and heating units not worked to death because of drafts entering making it hard to cool or heat?
  • In case of emergencies is your home up to the latest standard of safety guidelines or has it deteriorated as it aged.
  • Your home’s landscaping is as important to your home’s aesthetic looks and also to the way your home conforms to the standard of living you demand from it.

They should be looked into one by one and from time to time. Doing some preliminary works on them you will avoid costly and extensive one time works consuming too much time and money.