Solar Energy is Good for Your Health

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There was a time when people who spoke openly about the environment, going green, recycling, or taking care of the earth were labeled as hippies or environmental extremist and kept at least an arms length from the rest of society. But now times have changed and more and more people have come to the realization that we all have to do more to take care of the earth. At one point, people viewed recycling as some sort of a medieval chore, but now disposing of a plastic bottle into a recycling bin is the most natural thing in the world. Solar energy is also coming into its own these days.

As the country’s energy grids get older, and the effects of global warming continues to spawn super storms, individual citizens and even some politicians are now starting to stand up and take notice, and are actively seeking out ways to fund and to integrate alternative energy sources into the mainstream. Solar power has been around since the 1800’s but now it is gaining popularity, thanks to the invention of solar ovens, solar hot water heaters, and smaller solar panels for the home.

There are several health benefits related to making the switch to solar powered energy because it is clean energy which emits a miniscule amount of carbon, and that means that solar energy provides enough electricity to take care of all of your day to day energy needs without producing toxic fumes and other irritants. The fewer toxins that are released into the air the better it is for the ozone layer, and your lungs. Another benefit of using solar energy is the synchronizing effect that sunlight has on your body’s internal clock. There is just something about the sun that stimulates the mindset and the mood as well. Because of the fact that solar power is fueled by natural light from the sun, it is also better for your eyes. Finally, sunlight affords the body the ability to create Vitamin D, a much needed substance in the human body as Vitamin D deficiencies can cause cancer, increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease, and brittle bones.