The Finishing Stains in Your Living Room Sofa

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There are many ways and styles to hand finish furniture today that can compete with the quality of some factory laminated furniture finishing that are cost effective and one you can easily do. You can do them by following instructions on how to do it yourself in some of their manual and fact sheets if you can spare the time and save more on labor costs.

You can do for a start your wooden living room sofa. You can choose between water based and solvent based wood finishing for your furniture finishing work. Water based finishing are more ECO friendly and are not irritating to use. It is odorless to having no odor at all. It has the same finished look as that of the solvent based finish.

Solvent based finishing are equaled in quality or even surpassed by water based finishing in durability and protective property. As the search for more nature friendly coatings and finishing innovations in water based products has enable the water based finishing and coating to level up in professional furniture finishing industry. You don’t want your living room sofa to sport those stains for the rest of your sofa’s life.

Solvent based finishing today is favoring more oil based products. These are easy to apply finishing and as innovative as the water based finishing. Other professionals working with wood working finish are divided in their opinion as to which is the best to use. The water based or the solvent based (oil) finishing? Both have won awards and citations in their high days however water based products are leading the pack until today.