Time to Get A New Hobby

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When I was much younger, I love to go fishing with my friends during the weekend and the holidays. I love fishing, it is very therapeutic. Being so close to the quiet nature makes me feel so calm and relaxed. But as I grew older, my working life and family commitment intervene and I don’t have the time to go on fishing trips anymore. It’s a real shame, but what is there I can do to remedy the situation? Things are not just the same anymore. Gone are the good old days where you get to go on fishing trips on whims.

Knowing how stressed up and depressed I with work these days and not being able to go on fishing trips to de-stress, and old friend whom I did luncheon with a couple of days ago suggested that I assemble my very own aquarium at home. According to him, contemplation of fish in an aquarium seem to have a significant effect in reducing levels of stress and anxiety.

I thought it was a ridiculous suggestion considering that I like to go fishing instead of staring at colourful fishes in a tank all day long, but thinking back, my friend’s suggestion is not too bad, considering that I do feel relaxed whenever I looked at an aquarium display. Yes, why not assemble an aquarium in the corner of my house for my own pleasure instead? There’s plenty of places that’s selling fish tank accessories for UK shoppers at a reasonable price. I’m sure I can get myself some good bargain while I’m at it.