Ways to Install Loose Ceramic Tiles and Torn Vinyl Tiles

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This will be the frequent query of a homeowner which house has ceramic tiles or vinyl tiles finishing. With so many “How to” at eHow only a few were able to answer the question simply and easily. And that stresses the value of some DIY ideas for simple home renovations.

The “How to” guides are simple enough to follow it just need above average skills with hand crafts and lots of dexterity. You don’t need to do them if you doubt your capacity to finish the works right. I will give you a brief summary of the How to Guide:

  1. Loosen the tile from the grout line by cutting grout line halfway with a grout saw.
  2. You may lift loose tiles with a putty knife or you need to chisel it out first before you can lift it.
  3. Remove the mortar completely from the subfloor. Take care not to jiggle other surrounding tiles they may come out loose too.
  4. If tile can be used again remove mortar completely off the back of the tiles. Tap adjoining tiles lightly to remove grout out of the adjacent tiles.
  5. To remove all the possible debris from the site you need to vacuum it.
  6. Perform steps in installing new tiles or replacing loose ones they all works the same way. Make a thinset ready by mixing it with a small amount of water in a small container. Apply in the substrate. Position the cleaned back tile or the new tile into the thinset filled substrate. Rock the tile into position to make it set into the substrate.
  7. Fill the joint with a tile grout with the use of a grout float. Wipe excess grout with a wet sponge after the grout has set up. Remove completely the haze on the tile. Allow to dry overnight then seal with grout sealer to avoid stains that may seep into the grout.

Be careful and look for some more tips. This is just one of so many “How to” that can elaborate on tile replacements. Your floors need to look as good as new even finishing of ceramic tiles or vinyl tiles need to be maintained to retain the look.