Basement Storage Versus a Storage Unit

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If you are lucky enough to have a house with a basement, it is tempting to turn that basement space into storage space. At the same time, there are also benefits to storing the things you do not need off site as well. So how do you choose?

Pros of Basement Storage

The biggest benefit of using your basement for storage is that everything you own will be kept handily nearby.

Another important benefit of using your basement as a storage space is that you can arrange it however you like. You can put up shelves or put hooks into the walls, etc. You get to choose (almost completely) how to lay out the space so that it is conducive to your storage needs.

Cons of Basement Storage

Not every basement is all the way finished. This can mean dampness; mold, etc will all have the chance to invade your things. To keep this from happening you have to regularly check on the space to make sure that the elements haven’t taken over and claimed your things for their own.

If your basement is small you might not have enough space within it to use it for all of the things you want. For example, many people turn their basements into ad hoc pantries, using the space to stock up on dried goods, canned fruits and veggies, etc. If your basement is small, you might not be able to do that and use it as a storage unit.

You might have hoped to use your basement space as an extra bedroom or a family room for entertaining. Many basements are converted into “man caves” or workshops. Some are used as sewing rooms. If the house is on the smaller side, that basement can help add a bunch of extra living space that you desperately need to stay comfortable.

Pros of Off Site Storage

Most safe self storage units are now housed in climate controlled buildings. This means that you never have to worry about your things getting too hot or cold or even too damp or dried out.

Offsite storage units are rarely expensive. For just a few extra dollars a month you can free up tons of space in your home and keep the things you want without needing an actual safe.

By keeping things in a self storage container you prevent them from having the potential to be dragged out strewn around your home by curious kids, pets or even yourself in a moment of “how many strands of Christmas tree lights do we have again?” confusion.

Cons of Off Site Storage

You have to make a trip to get a thing that you don’t use every day…which is also, if you think about it, something that belongs in the pro column.

Really, when you think about it, there are far more reasons to opt for a storage unit than to try to cram everything into your basement. Perhaps it’s time to start calling around for rates?