Checklist: Before You Go House-Hunting

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The pleasure of having a house of your own is nothing compared to the fun that you have while finding it. Although there will be too many details to take care after you have chosen the house like processing housing loan application, signing contracts, going back and forth to your real estate broker and checking out what furniture you can add on, you should put up a small checklist for your dream house before purchasing it.

It is always fun when you drive around the neighborhood and look for that big red plank of woods with the “FOR SALE” sign on it with the owner’s telephone number. Call them and set a schedule for you to visit their property. Have your checklist with you because it will serve as guide in accomplishing the search for your house such as 1 – big master bedroom with 3 extra rooms, 2 small lawns, 3 – budget around $50,000 and so on. You can check the local news paper for any houses for sale or visit a real estate office and hire an agent to help you out. However, if you wanted to have fewer expenses in finding your dream house you can look for houses that are directly sold by the owners as set out for direct buyers only.

You should also take note of the flaws that these houses have for you to lower the value of the property. After the full house hunt, you should narrow your list and select those you think is the best with the help of your real estate agent to take the last peak on those properties that you wanted.