Cleaning Your Bathroom without Sweating Too Much

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Most people hate cleaning their bathrooms because they feel it too large to get clean. In fact, it is like a small room but unlike rooms where most space is occupied by beds and furniture, you need to scrub the whole bath room to ensure it is clean. Besides, everything inside the bathroom needs to be crystal clear before we can say it is really clean. The good thing is there are things you can do first to avoid sweating much when cleaning your bath room.

Take the trash out first

That is right. Start by removing things that don’t belong to the bathroom like few towels hanging around here and there or some tissue papers that are scattered around. Maybe there is a trash can inside the bathroom too so take it out as well. IF you have some clothes inside or a wire where you hang your towels and clothes, remove it as well, just put it back on after cleaning. Make sure the bathroom is bare before starting scrubbing it in.

Choose the best product as a bathroom cleaner

There are a lot of bathroom cleaner products out there. They all promised one thing and that is to leave your bathroom floor and walls sparkling and germs free. Of course you need to use some extra muscles to gain these rewards in your bathroom. Choosing the best product of course means you have to read reviews first and ask other people about the said bleaching products. Make sure it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients that might affect your skin (since you are the one who will use it).

Start and end with a plan

Cleaning your bathroom can be easier if there is a plan being followed. Start by pouring some bleach on the toilet bowl, then to the wall. Leave it bleached. Now sweep around the bathroom especially on the floor, the ceiling and on the windows. After sweeping, spray the bleach around; let it get soaked for a few minutes then start scrubbing it. Once you are done with the wall, clean the shower, faucet and sink in order. You will be amazed at how fast you can finish the cleaning without sweating much if you are this organized.