Don’t Just Leave Your Backyard in A Riot

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Our backyard is part of our home unless its 3,000 square meters. Well if you can manage that large; you count that too. Real Estate prices so high seldom would you find a house with very large backyard areas nowadays. Most managed backyards with a small pond, two to three flower beds and a pocketful of birdseeds in a bird house on a Eucalyptus tree.

“Where talking here backyard landscaping.” We should manage our backyards not only having it cleaned from time to time but also arrange it with landscaping ideas you can adapt from gardening magazines. There are so many gardening and landscaping sites in the internet too. You will not only get step by step instruction but also simulation pictures of the steps being done.

I browse for a few and here is my favorite. These are tips on how to manage your landscaping plans.

  1. Avoid occasional planting. You plant what you like wherever and whenever the mood suits you. At the least rough your plan on paper and plant according to your plan. If you cannot do it one time you at least made a start on landscaping the right way. By making a plan.
  2. If you don’t want it then stick to the grassy, green expanse of open earth as your backyard. Only make sure it is orderly and mowed from time to time you don’t want stepping on crawlers nor do you? However you can cultivate for landscaping a small area if you like occasional flowers and shrubbery and leave the expanse as is.
  3. You were carried with spring and summer flower planting last season. Fall comes peeping around you found out too late you didn’t plan for fall. You feel as dreary as the colors in your backyard.
  4. You forgot fall consequently who would think of planting for the winter season. You’ll feel as dismal as the winter weather during winter season. Then you laid your eyes on a friends winter garden and oh… what a glorious sight those winter greeneries and few splashes of color.
  5. Go with the flow. If you happen to own a backyard that has a lot of slopes to it then don’t fight it, you’ll only spend on retaining walls if you do. Manage your plants and steps along the slopes. Curve where you need to curve and go down where you need to.
  6. Before you lay down your plans make sure you have the most basic of gardening tools. You need them. You can scope out soil with bare hands but you can’t cut ground with your fingers.
  7. Pattern your landscaping to your needs, use and taste. You are going to live with it for a very long time unless you can afford to change landscaping for every season.