Frank Lloyd Wrights Organic Idea of Architecture

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Frank Lloyd Wright is considered by many one of the greatest architects in the modern world.  He designed more than 1000 various structures and completed nearly 532 of them.  He had a vision for America based on creating spaces that were organic with the surrounding environment coining the phrase “Organic Architecture”.  He believed that every design should be inspired by nature and the sustainability and diverse aspect it is.

So how did he achieve this?

Wright believed that he could not recreate nature in any sense, i.e. there is not any architecture that is an imitation of nature. To Wright, it was the human’s imagination to reinterpret the underlying principles of nature through the human perspective.  He would survey the surrounding environment and ecosystem, and design accordingly with a human perspective to make the space and the land exist as one.  He also believed that a space was always the product of the place and time, and should never be conformed to a specific style that is popular.

How has Modern Architecture Used Organic Architecture?

Organic architecture has evolved into modern day designing by implementing the use of new concretes, trusses to create nonlinear designs.  Instead it relies on arches, wavy lines, curves, and other forms of nonlinear concepts that are intriguing to the eye and fit with the surrounding environment.  A great example of modern organic architecture is the Sydney Opera house in Sydney Australia.  The building incorporates leaves or plant like designs in the structure.  Many of the core elements of organic architecture are also now incorporated into different elements within a space including furniture and glass.

The Falling Water or Kaufmann Residence

To really understand the concepts of Organic architecture, it is best portrayed by Wrights Falling Water structure in Pennsylvania.  The Falling water residence was built in 1935 and is about 45 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. The structure was built partially over a waterfall that continues through the structure and down into the stream.  It is designated as a National Historic Landmark and is on the list of the 28 places to see before you die and was named best all time work of American Architecture by the members of the American Institute of Architecture.

Today Organic Architecture has a strong place in modern design and will continue to live on in Frank Lloyd Wright’s name!

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