General Home Inspection Checklist

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It is required to get a home inspection for any home buyers. Many home buyers are not aware about the components that used in their home construction. But it is essential to have idea about the elements used in home construction and thus checklist for home inspection is also essential. For this reason, many home buyers hire certified home inspectors to inspect the full components that are used in home construction. But many home buyers don’t know the way of figuring out that which defects are serious for them or whether the home inspector checked all the elements.

Home inspections can differ from one state to another as well as it varies across countries and cities because this task is different according to various home inspectors. There is no standard home inspection checklist available but there are few general items of home inspection are available that home inspector should follow.

Few Items for General Home Inspection Checklist

  1.  Structural Elements such as walls construction, floors, roof, ceilings and building foundation.
  2. Exterior Evaluation Such as landscaping, grading, well covering, fences, doors, trim, windows, sidewalks, elevation and drainage system.
  3. Roof and Attic such as ventilation, framing, type of roof construction, gutters and flashing.
  4. Plumbing. It should be identified of pipe materials that used for drain, potable, waste and vent pipes, toilets, sinks, showers, traps and faucets. It does not include a drain inspection.
  5. Systems and Components such as furnaces, water heaters, duct work, air conditioning, duct work, chimney, sprinklers and fireplace.
  6. Electrical items are the important items as checklist of home inspection such as main panel, wiring types, circuit breakers, grounding, receptacles, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, and fixtures of light.
  7. Home Appliances such as range and oven, Dishwasher, built-in microwaves, smoke detectors (if any) and garbage disposal.
  8. Garage components such as entrance, walls, slab, ceiling, vents, firewall, openers, garage door, openers, lights, exterior, roof and windows.

Some home inspections checklist items should have special note such as health and safety, deficiencies of foundation, moisture and drainage issues, furnace, air conditioning system and roofs condition.