How to Clean Carpet Stains

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We have all had those moments where we are a little bit too excited or we don’t notice where we are going and we knock a drink over on to the carpet or our favourite top. Personally, I had a birthday party, where I made brightly coloured cocktails and knocked the lime green drink onto my Mother’s very white carpet.

I have had a lot of experience with stains and the fight to remove them from fabrics and there has been one thing that I have learnt through it all – Don’t scrub the stain! I know when something like this happens, the first instinct is to frantically scrub the stain away, but this actually makes the stain worse. The best thing to do is dab and blot the stain with water and a tissue to take away excess moisture.

Below are some tips that I have collected throughout my life, for dealing with stains in your carpet:

  • If you have a pet, then I will guess that you have had to clean urine out of a carpet, more than once. To completely remove a urine stain, deploy the dab and blot procedure that I described above and then dab with a mixture of white vinegar and water. The final step is to mix a non-bleach detergent with water and dab the remainder of the stain.
  • For more severe stains, that may leave a nasty odour (eg vomit or coffee), you mis ammonia with water and gently dab the stain.
  • For less severe, and more common stains, like food or alcohol, then white vinegar and water should be enough to completely remove any trace of the stain.
  • For nail polish stains, simply use nail polish remover.

When I was younger, I did drop chewing gum on my living room carpet and my Nan gave me a tip that I have never forgotten. She said to freeze the gum, then shatter it with a tool of some sort, then you can hoover up what is left of the gum.