How to Introduce a Middle Eastern-inspired Design to the Home

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When it comes to redecorating the home, I think it is always a good idea to try something completely new, otherwise, there seems very little need to do so. Personally, I think gaining a greater understanding of another culture can broaden your horizons, as well as making your house unique compared to your neighbours’.

Morocco is a destination that has always inspired interior design trends and with its rich decorative arts and colourful patterns, it is not hard to see why. Traditionally decorated Moroccan homes have a kind of Bohemian feel that is very exotic, but also gives a cosy feel.

Why choose Moroccan over something more traditional?

With the new season and plants swiftly coming into bloom, now seems as good a time as any to try and add a bit of colour to the home. I think the style gives a real rich and warm glow to the house that makes it that much more comfortable to live in.

It will also allow you to experiment more with colours. If you were looking to go down a more traditional route, you might try one shade of white and compare it to another similar shade, whereas if you go for something a little different you choose between much brighter oranges and reds.

Moroccan furniture is highly versatile

With all of the rich colours and shades that the style brings, there is plenty of versatility on offer when it comes to furnishing your home, such is the wide range of brilliant objects that come out of the area. I find that decorating your living area with Moroccan furniture and decor helps to leave you with plenty of room to add your own style and imagination to the environment.

A lot of the time you are stuck with a particular colour, but with so many different hues involved in your new redesign you can really get your creative juices going. Many people choose to go Moroccan because it allows you to capitalise on the flexibility of the bold colours involved, and the same elasticity can be found when picking out the furniture.

The authenticity of it is reflected in the hand carved textures of wood and tiles and if you want to add some pieces with real character to your living room then I would say handmade and unique sofas or chairs would be the way to go.

Pick lighting that accentuates the style

While it may not be the first thing that anyone thinks about when redecorated their home, I think that a key consideration is the type of lighting you have. You don’t want to completely change the style of your house and then keep the traditional incandescent bulbs you’ve always had.

There is a wide range of Moroccan style lanterns to choose from, as well as dramatic lampshades and floor lanterns, each of which provides a different type of ambience in the home. So, the type of lighting you go with should suit the type of activity that you will be doing in the room.

Don’t forget traditional Moroccan accessories

Also, one last thing, it may seem quite a simple idea but don’t forget to really accessorise with some of new furnishings. For instance you could accentuate any new chair or sofa in the living room with a colourful throw or a set of cushions.