How to Keep your Walls Clean For Free

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There are things that you can do to keep your walls clean all the time without spending so much for detergent products. You can expertly clean your walls using natural products that can be found in your kitchen. That is right, just right in your kitchen. With few tricks and some time and effort, you can keep your walls stain free all the time and with no cobwebs hanging around. Here are some of the natural products that you can use to do so.

Use baking soda

That is right. So you just baked last night and you probably bought a few pounds of baking soda. If you have spare baking soda then you can start cleaning your walls and removing those stains. You might be surprised to find out that it can even remove crayon marks. To use it, soak your sponge first with water then dip it on a bowl of baking soda. Use it to wipe your walls with crayon marks and other stains.

Try that vinegar

Aside from using it for cooking, you can use vinegar to clean tiles and walls while removing unlikely odours from it. You can start by making a solution of half bottle water and half bottle plain vinegar. Spray the solution to the wall. Use a sponge to scrub it. Once done, wipe the same surface with another towel that is soaked in water and soap to finish the process. Vinegar solution is also great in cleaning greasy areas like those parts in the kitchen where you do your frying.

Use ammonia or any products with ammonia

If you watch television stations that show ways on how to keep your house clean, then you are definitely familiar with ammonia. Ammonia is one of the most used cleaning products out there despite the negative effect it can cause when directly contacted to the skin and to the nose. It is best to use when combined with water solution just like vinegar. After washing your wall with ammonia solution, wash it again with pure water to remove the strong smell. Make sure to wash your hands carefully afterwards.