How to Make a Basement Room More Attractive

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Due to some horror movies that you have seen with your kids, your kids might not want to go to your basement anymore. That is normal and expected hence there are few things that we should consider once we decided we want to turn our basement into something like a recreational room or an additional guest room.

Start with the staircase

Basements basically have stairs already and they are probably made of woods that are almost coming down or too old even for your kids to step on. Make your basement turned recreation room to be more attractive by changing or moving your staircase and changing it. Make sure your new staircase has new baluster that fits with the plan you have for the transformed basement. If you are wondering what type of staircase or balustrade to make, consult your architect or have a building engineer check it out for you.

Make sure the windows and door are on appropriate place

When remodelling a basement, the first thing to consider is the light. How can you have natural light in the basement? If you are planning to spend more time in your newly transformed basement with natural lights on, make sure you have enlarge windows and doors that can accommodate it without sacrificing your privacy. Creating or adding a window well is one of the most commonly used window to add natural light in basements. Adding window well can be for personal safety purposes as well since it can serve as a fire exit in case of emergency.

Put a ceiling worth looking up at

Since you are in the basement, the ceiling is one of the things that you need to remodel and clean up. Up in the ceilings are pipes and drywall panels, ductworks and joists and other cables and wirings that make up your whole house. With this, you can either use a paint to cover all of it or use decorative ceiling beams. The amount to spend with it is a major consideration though but again, it is one of the major parts of the basement that needs to be transformed.