How to Make Your Interiors Ultra-Luxurious

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Lots of us are house-proud and want our homes to look their best day after day. It not only makes for a nicer living environment, but also turns a house into something to be proud of. So, if you want to make your interiors highly luxurious, what changes and improvements can you make?

Install wood flooring

Flooring can often be the first thing you see when you walk into a room – after all, it takes up a considerable chunk of the surface area and can be the centrepiece of any living space. So, if you wish to create the impression of quality and luxury, this is perhaps a good place to start.

Solid wood flooring is a good option as it brings a touch of nature into your home and creates a traditional rustic atmosphere. It also offers a touch of class. Manufactured alternatives might not always exude the same sense of style and authenticity as the real deal, so it pays to go for genuine solid wood flooring.

Plenty of options can be found if you browse online at UK Flooring Direct, such as walnut, oak and ash – and each one can create a luxurious feel in your house. You can also choose between unfinished wood styles, or some lacquered and glossy selections, depending on exactly what look and ambience you are hoping to achieve.

Pick wood and glass furniture

You might think of clean and minimal appearances when you try to conjure up thoughts of a luxury home. So while you can still add personal touches like pictures, cushions and throw rugs if you are trying to create that atmosphere in your house, it might pay to be restrained and use your furniture to make an impression.

Tables and bookcases made of wood, for instance, can really help to complement a wood floor, but glass might be an equally good option. While it may need to be cleaned more frequently, it really makes an impression by interacting with the light fittings you have on the walls and ceilings.

Pick the right colour scheme for the walls

Since wood flooring often comes in neutral and subdued hues, you can be confident it will go well with just about any colour scheme. All you need to be careful about is not picking anything that makes key features of the room disappear into the background.

You want the focal points to stand out, with the colour of the walls bringing out the best in your furniture and the flooring. For instance, violet can bring yellow to life, while green can set red tones off. Alternatively, you could go for the minimalist look with white walls, as that will push your flooring and furniture straight to the forefront.

It all depends on what type of wood you have. If you have a deep rich surface, the walls shouldn’t be competing with it for attention. Pale shades can really work in this instance, as well as make a house look vibrant and clean. And, conversely, bold primary colours work magnificently in tandem with lighter, more subtle wood tones.

You might also want to think about adopting a uniform colour scheme if you have an open plan set-up, or at least the same type and colour flooring across the house. That sense of uniformity could help to add to the luxurious feel, while giving you plenty of flexibility when it comes to rearranging bits and pieces in the future.