How to Replace a Bathroom Sink in Three Steps

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Sink is one of the most decorated and commonly changed parts of a bathroom. With so many designs out there, you can actually go out and buy one that suits your taste and put in without paying a professional to do it. By just reading DIY books and self-help guide instructions, you can have a dramatic change in your bathroom. Here are three easy steps for you to change your bathroom sink.

Check the size and make sure it fits.

So you decided to change your current bathroom sink hence you have to take note of the current size of your sink, the length, the width and of course the depth. There has been initial installation so it would be easier if you will have the same sink of same size, just a different design or material. Maybe you are replacing a plastic sink with a porcelain one to make it appear more fashionable and easier to clean.

Take off the old one and put in the new sink in.

Might not sound easy but of course you can do this. Your sink is connected to a water valve so make sure to turn off the water first. Your sink is connected to a faucet with a seal, so remove the seal using a knife. There can be screws attaching them too. Once freed, removed the old sink and put in place the new one. Now ensure the attachment is fixed by putting the seal on and the screws. Use a glue gun to seal it. Make sure it is properly attached to the water valve.

Test the new sink in!

The last step is of course to test if there are no leaks and if the water valve is placed exactly to where it should be. Turn on the faucet after few hours to ensure that the seal has is already dry. If it is, ensure the new sink and absolutely attached to the water pipe. Most sinks comes with lock too so you can lock it in place without too much problem.