Kinds of Wall Finish

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There are different kinds of wall finish there is the brick snaps that are sheet of bricks casted on the thin concrete blocks that can be hung horizontally or if you want then vertically though most of the time they hung it horizontally. It has no mortar lines and it is an interesting choice for contemporary houses.

There is also the Fiber cement cladding. It is available in different thicknesses and it is common on regional areas because it is light weight. Fiber cement cladding sheet joins need to be waterproofed with a pvc strip, timber batten, or shadow line join with a gasket or water strip underneath.

There is also a plastic cladding but I do not know if people would want plastic in their walls. Actually plastic are durable but it gets smaller when heated so I do not know if there are people using this kind of wall finish. Copper and Zinc claddings, while expensive, look spectacular if used well. The copper cladding can be used as a feature wall with modern brick work, steel or timber. If you are going to ask me then I would go for the stoned wall finish.