Some Ideas For Easy Cleaning

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Even if you’ve finished spring cleaning, these clever ideas will be useful for the cleaning and maintenance of your home at any time of the year. Easy cleaning is always hard to achieve but following these tricks will help you make cleaning easier.

1. Practical apron

Rather than throw the old kitchen apron for cooking, use it for cleaning – fill its pockets with necessary items and materials to avoid having repeatedly return for them during work. In this way, your hands will be free to clean and scrub the surfaces, even when walking around from room to room. If your apron doesn’t have enough pockets or they are not suitable for this purpose, sew a few extra units.

2. Cleaning utensils

This simple chemical reaction will clean quickly and easily discolored utensils without damage. Put the utensils in an aluminum container and sprinkle with plain baking soda. Pour hot water to cover completely all utensils. When the stains disappear, remove cutlery and polish them with a cotton cloth.

3. Curtains

In order to protect the books from dust accumulation, which is hard for cleaning, mount on the top of the shelf a small „pelmet” of linen. In addition to facilitate cleaning of the cabinet, this technique will visually align rows of books.

4. Easy cleaning of decorative candles

Glass decorative candle holders are very practical for holiday decoration or a romantic date, but cleaning them can be very frustrating. So you can use this simple trick – Place the candles in the freezer for a few hours – when you take them out, the wax will be dropped and will remove easily from the glass vessel. Clean residue with hot water and dish soap.

5. Cleaning of indoor plants

If your indoor plants are too dirty or wilted from the heat at home, refresh them with a quick bath. Place the pots in the bathtub or on the bathroom floor and pour them gently with the handle of the shower with tepid water. For smaller plants, wrap the pot with a paper towel held between the clip notes and carefully wash their leaves in a bucket of water.

6. Easily move furniture

To avoid scratching the surface when moving furniture, use this easy trick- use two rolled towels (they must be clean) and place them under the furniture at both ends. Drag it to the desired location and remove the towels.

7. Protect your bathroom from mold

When it comes to mold, prevention is much more efficient than solving the problem (laborious cleaning mold). As for the bathroom, which is the most susceptible to mold due to high humidity, there are several things to avoid getting nasty stains. This is good ventilation (a window or wall fan), continuous air circulation and humidity control. The third factor can be controlled by yourself. It is important not to put wet towels in the bathroom and hang them on the terrace. Prefer open shelves and non-porous materials (e.g. curtain of bath and shower).

Using these few tricks, cleaning will be easier.

Article written for SW3 House Cleaners