Surprise Her With a Romantic Trip

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If you are one of those men that dreams of surprising your lady with a romantic getaway  filled with intrigue, excitement and wonder, you are not alone because there are a lot of guys out there just like you. For most men, the thought of taking that special lady to a fabulous hotel in some far off exotic destination would be a dream come true, the problem is that they have no idea as to how to pull the whole thing off.

The first thing you should ask yourself is where you want to go. You certainly don’t have to leave the country to enjoy the weekend of your life, but an excursion in country where the hotel staff like the one at the Astoria Hotel, would certainly allow you and that special lady the opportunity to make memories that will last you a lifetime. Now if you decide to choose a destination that will take you out of the country, you need to make sure that both you and that special lady have valid passports. It would be a shame to go through the process of planning the perfect vacation, only to find out that you can’t go because the love of your life does not have a passport.

Although you can be romantic pretty much anywhere that you go, if you are planning a trip to surprise your lady, make sure that you choose a location that lets her know that the trip is all about pampering her, and making her feel like the special lady that she is. Booking a cabin at a lodge somewhere, and pulling your fishing rods out of your trunk would not be a very strong indication that the trip was planned just for her. Now with that being said there is nothing wrong with lodge accommodations of even a cabin at a state park, just make sure that you leave the fishing rods at home. Try replacing those fishing rods with some scented candles, and you are all set. Now if you really want to go all out and pull out all of the stops, book a few nights at the Sejong Hotel and give your Sweetheart a reason to love you forever. Romancing comes easy when you are surrounded by luxury. So don’t just sit there like a bump on a log, engage your imagination, comb the travel sites, and set off on an adventure that you will remember forever.