Tips for Finding a Green Mat Company

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When you have a job that requires that you work with everything from construction mats to rig mats, you want the peace of mind that comes with choosing a green, environmentally conscious company.

A few things to ask any prospective mat company are:

  • Do you work with saw mills that use all of the lumber parts? The response should be yes, down to the dust.
  • What do you do with broken mats? A good company will repair mats whenever possible – rather than waste resources and hard work.
  • Do you buy back mats? A mat buyback program is the sign of a green company – who obviously cares enough to reuse other mats as well as make sure all mats are used multiple times.
  • How long of a life does your mats have? A green product should have longevity in mind. This means a superior wood, like a hardwood or oak that won’t rot easily, should be used.
  • Is your product safe for the environment? Untreated wood is a must. It should also not harm the work site if possible.

One very green mat company that can answer positively to all of the questions above is Quality Mat Company. When we say green – we don’t mean color. Pink ends on every mat serve as a breast cancer reminder. While raising breast cancer awareness is not that much of an eco-friendly move, it too serves to be a sign of a quality, trust worthy company that you can proudly tell people that you are working with. Make sure that the company you choose to work with sells new and used mats that are as environmentally friendly as possible to lessen your ecological impact.