Types of Lighting Fixtures

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There are many kinds of lights that are placed in the ceiling. There is the traditional, contemporary and transitional Thomas lighting. These fixtures are used for creating general lighting, and are recommended in foyers and hallways with lower ceilings. Close to ceiling and flush mount fixtures are extremely practical in areas of high activity such as kitchens, baths, laundry rooms, playrooms and dens. The most often seen in every house or building are the chandeliers. It can add some drama and emotion on an area where it is being placed. These chandeliers tend to control the open space; a chandelier’s style sets the attitude for a room’s interior decoration more than any other lighting fixture.

Utility Lighting is a simple, functional lighting with no specific intended design style is often referred to as Utility Lighting. Utility lighting is the right choice for rooms that are themselves dedicated to utility, such as the garage and laundry room. You can light up an entire wall using several recessed fixtures with eyeball trims – an effect known as “wall washing.” For bathrooms, here is recessed lighting fixtures that are used in wet areas especially in the bath rooms.