Types of Upholstery

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For many years, upholstery has made its place in every home.  Upholstery can be found in homes, cars, restaurants, offices, and just about any place you can take a seat at.  Because it is so common place though, it becomes dirty and even stained very quickly through due to the simple fact that life happens.  Especially on our furniture where we relax, talk, sleep, eat, watch TV etc…Also, different fabrics don’t take the sun as well as others and can force them to become stiff or crack.  For an old couch, there is always the option to reupholster your furniture, but that can be costly.  Here are some ways to help choose the correct upholstery If you are shopping for new furniture. This will help you in deciding which material will be best for your new furniture.

List of upholstery?

Furniture comes in many varieties of different fabric and material upholstery including cotton blends, leather and vinyl, microfiber, wool and wool blend, silk and acetate, and synthetics.  Each material serves a different feel and portrays a certain decor.  However, some are more difficult to keep clean than others.

1) Silk and acetate upholstery is probably the most difficult to clean.  For furniture that contains silk, it is ideal to have it placed somewhere that it will not get very much attention because of how difficult it is to remove stains and dirt.

2) Wool and wool blend is very comfortable to use as upholstery however, it difficult to clean and usually very expensive.  Wool is good for office furniture as it will not receive a lot of attention, however at the home with kids and maybe a dog and a cat, it will be a nightmare to upkeep.

3) Synthetic upholstery is a nice material that can come in many designs and colors. These pieces can include polyester, rayon, acrylic and other fibers and are semi easy to keep clean.  However, synthetics are sensitive to direct sunlight and heat.

4)  Leather and vinyl are luxurious in their appearance and are difficult to stain.  The benefit of leather is that over time the material will become more comfortable as it becomes softer.  Vinyl is similar to leather in its features, but it is susceptible to tears and holes.

5)  Finally Cotton and cotton blends are generally affordable and are the easiest to clean.  Furniture that contains cotton blended with synthetic fibers such as nylon give them stretch and stain resistance and are inviting for everyday use.

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