5 Ways to get your Other Half to Help Around the House

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Do you feel like you are the one doing all the housework at home? According to research from the think tank IPPR, eight out of ten married women do more housework than their husbands. Though this gender split may not be the same in all households, the fact that the split of housework remains unequal. How do you get your partner to do their fair share?

Here we cover five top tips to get your other half pull their weight at home.

1) Ask for help

It may sound simple, but maybe your partner doesn’t realise you need help. Explain that you feel overwhelmed with the housework, and ask for assistance with specific tasks that you find most demoralising. You will both feel better for having shared the problem.

2) Show your other half how to do things

Maybe your partner came from a home where only one person did all the chores, so they have never had to learn. Explaining how the washing machine works and which temperatures are required for which clothes may be enough to kick start the habit of helping out with the laundry.

3) Choose chores your partner would prefer over others

If your husband likes cooking or food, ask him to make a certain number of the meals in a week. Or if it’s your wife who doesn’t chip in, but she likes a clean house, ask her to clean specific rooms, or even pay for a cleaner so you can both take cleaning off your plate. Offering something to your other half that they have an interest in makes the chore much more appealing and it’s more likely to get done.

4) Do a little bit at a time

Rather than doing all housework on Saturdays, why not try executing one or two tasks each day during the week? This feels more manageable. If you both do something for half an hour a night, at the same time and even with some music on, it will feel less daunting, less cumbersome and is more likely to become a habitual part of your everyday routine.

5) Show them the money

Ever thought of selling old clothes that are taking up room in the wardrobe, or the DVDs that you’re never likely to watch again? Organisations, such as Music Magpie, will buy these as well as other items, like CDs, computer games and old mobile phones. The money you make could pay for a treat or some of that external help with the cleaning. The extra cash is a great incentive for your partner to have a regular clear out.

The easiest way to get someone to help is to offer a reward, so why not start with tip number 5? Visit www.musicmagpie.com with your partner today, and see what you could get for some of your old things. It’s easy and you can make money and declutter your home at the same time.